In the most recent body of work, "Thinking of You," I am interested in the quiet, thoughtful moments spent alone imagining a sought-after future.  Ideas are mulled over, embraced or rejected.  Thoughts drift around the universe of the mind outside the confines of an everyday environment, as daydream-like consciousness plays out detailed scenes on an imagined stage.  These are the "I wonder..." or "suppose..." musings in the period before a desired event or outcome either transpires or does not.

Abstract shapes support relaxed, introspective figures wafting about unhurriedly during this contemplative journey.  The emotional impact of color guides me in determining various color schemes, while the back and forth experience of clarity and confusion plays a large part in my compositions.  Small, 8" X 10" paintings are done in oil, cold wax and alkyd on panel.  Larger 18" X 24" paintings are oil on stretched canvas.